Table Titans Volume 2: Winter of the Iron Dwarf

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Table Titans Volume 2: Winter of the Iron Dwarf
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Table Titans chronicles the D&D inspired tales of Val Bronzebottom, her friends, and their Dungeon Master as they embark on adventures at and away from the gaming table.

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$90,946.00 / 1,370 backers
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Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter!
8 months ago – Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 05:40:17 PM

If you’re a reader of Table Titans, you’re almost certainly a reader of the website’s Friday feature comic, Binwin’s Minions. We are happy to announce that the Minions are taking on a new challenge: Binwin's Minions Volume 1 Kickstarter!

Binwin's Minions!
Binwin's Minions!

If you’re unfamiliar with Binwin’s Minions we’ll give you a quick primer: 

The comic follows famed warrior Binwin Bronzebottom (yes, the same Binwin of D&D notoriety that is the alter ego of Table Titans creator Scott Kurtz) as he attempts to recruit four level-none Minions and turn them into a group of elite adventurers. Unfortunately for Binwin, his new Minions are terrible and they die constantly, forcing him to spend all his hard-earned gold to resurrect them. Maybe one day they’ll figure out how to stay alive and actually turn a profit…

…maybe not?

Like all of our comics, Binwin's Minions is free to read online and you should check it out!

Binwin’s Minions is created by Tavis Maiden and Cory Casoni, and marks the first of what we hope will be MANY new comics and game content that we want to bring to This comic is our first attempt at making that happen, so its success will guide our planning and the next moves for the site.

We’d love any support you can give: be it as a Backer or just spreading the word about the Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter. 

Thank you Backers, thank you for your support on Table Titans, and thank you for reading Binwin’s Minions and letting everyone know about!